Doha Youth Innovation Award Event Theme Visual Arts

Doha Youth Innovation Award Event Theme: Visual Arts
Doha Youth Innovation Award Event Theme: Visual Arts

Young people acquire a wide creative energy that has been manifested in their artistic, literary, intellectual and cultural production in general. This has made a distinctive impact on the cultural activity in the Islamic societies and led to the promotion of cultural diversity, intellectual and artistic openness, creative interaction among artists and the dissemination of identity elements in their creations, so that communities preserve their identity since the Nation’s Strength Lies in its Youth.

Therefore, the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, an international organization affiliated to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, invites the youth of Islamic countries to participate in the Doha Youth Innovation Award, which will be distributed during the conclusion of Doha Capital of Islamic Youth, January 17, 2020. The Award aims at valuing the skills and creations in various artistic and creative fields for youth delegates, thus contributing in the formation of youth experiences that would be able to engage in community development, and to work to develop these experiences.

Event Aims:

  • Developing the spirit of innovation and creativity among young people in various scientific, literary and artistic fields and moving away from stalemate and calcification in thinking and planning.
  • Providing an appropriate environment for creative youth to highlight innovative efforts and unleash creative skills.
  • Encouraging young Muslims in the culture of competition and excellence.

 Program Details: 

During this competition, the Doha Youth Innovation Award will be distributed following the Visual Arts Theme.

All this aims at motivating young people to continue to innovate in order to serve their countries and achieve their development.

The Award and the deadline for the submission of works would be announced according to the specified schedule and no contributions would be accepted after that deadline.

The name of the winners in each field would be announced during the closing ceremony of Doha, Capital of Islamic Youth events on January 17, 2020.

Terms of Participation: 

A- General Conditions

  1. Participants must be from 18 to 30 years old for both genders.
  2. Participation is allowed to young people of OIC Member States or youth representatives of non-OIC Member States.
  3. The participant must adhere to the event’s regulations and procedures as stated by the organizing committee.

B- Registration and Participation Mechanism:

  1. The participation form shall be sent before the specified deadline for the registration for the event.
  2. Curriculum Vitae and required information should be attached through the following link on the website of Doha, Capital of Islamic Youth:
  3. The selected winners will receive an invitation to participate in the closing ceremony of Doha, Capital Islamic Youth 2020 via their emails as indicated in the registration form.

Technical Criteria for Participation in the Visual Arts Theme:

  • The participation would be open from June 16 to September 16, 2019, through registration and following up the participation steps on the website. This is an essential step for those wishing to participate.
  • The works are to be sent on the event’s link, and no other means of sending the photos would be accepted:

Based on the specified technical criteria:

  • The sent work file shall bear the person’s first and last name (in English)
  • The participation of the artist in the contest is an implicit acknowledgment of the intellectual property of the participating works of art, without the administration having any legal consequences or responsibilities related to the rights of others.
  • The competition is solely dedicated for professional artistic works that embody the slogan “Nation’s Strength lies in its Youth” and that do not deviate from it or call for a particular political tendency.
  • The participating works must be original, not copied from any other original works, and recent. They should not be published before, nor submitted to any other competition, except for digital works only, whose copies are accepted to be printed on papers suitable for artistic presentation only.
  • Only one work per contestant shall be accepted, provided that the minimum size of the workpiece shall not be less than 80 x 80 cm and no more than 120 x 120 cm.
  • The artist is free to choose the colors, materials and techniques while adhering to the subject of the competition, which is related to the slogan: the “Nation’s Strength lies in its Youth.”
  • The Organizing Committee shall have the right to publish the participating works in the competition through the publications of the event and during the media coverage related to the competition, and to introduce the participating artists.
  • The organizing party shall bear the costs of shipping the participating works and shall not bear the responsibility of delivering back the original works to their owners after the end of the competition.
  • The submitted works are subject to arbitration by a specialized jury.
  • Decisions of works selection and arbitration committees are final and may not be objected or challenged.

Five Prizes for the Art Competition

Painting Competition: Contemporary Arts

First Place:       30.000 QR
Second Place:  20.000 QR
Third Place :    10.000 QR
Fourth Place :   7.000 QR
Fifth Place :      7.000 QR

Painting Competition: Realistic Arts

First Place:       30.000 QR
Second Place:  20.000 QR
Third Place :    10.000 QR
Fourth Place :   7.000 QR
Fifth Place :      7.000 QR

Three Prizes for the Arabic Handwriting Competition

Handwriting: Arabic Handwriting (The literary Painting)

First Place:       20.000 QR
Second Place: 15.000 QR
Third Place:     10.000 QR

Handwriting: Classical Handwriting

First Place:       20.000 QR
Second Place: 15.000 QR
Third Place:     10.000 QR

Travel and Accommodation Expenses:

The host country will cover travel expenses to and from the participant’s country of residence as well as internal transportation, accommodation, and meals.

Disclaimer: The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum and the Ministry of Culture and Sports in Qatar shall not be liable for any errors, inconvenience, omission, deletion, delay in operation or transmission, failure of communication lines, or unauthorised access to the registration forms.

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