Griffith University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship


The Griffith University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (GUIPRS) is available during the University’s annual PhD and research degree scholarship application round. The GUIPRS covers tuition fees for the applicant for up to three years for doctoral candidates and up to two years for research masters candidates. In addition, the scholarship covers Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the applicant and any dependant/s for the duration of the scholarship.

Research candidates are required to hold a visa for their program length plus an additional eight months to allow for interactive thesis marking. Candidates undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) will require 57 months of overseas health cover.

Holders of Griffith University scholarships will receive cover (if undertaking a PhD) for the first 42 months of their program and will be required to pay the remaining 15 months (and provide evidence of coverage) at the time of accepting their offer.


The GUIPRS is a full fee paying scholarship and matches the value of the fees charged by the enrolment Element.

The GUIPRS may be held for up to two years for a research masters program and up to three years for a doctoral program. A six month extension may be granted to doctoral candidates in certain circumstances.

How To Apply

New applicants must follow the process for submitting an online application for a higher degree by research program, which also includes a section for scholarship application. You can access the online application here.

Current research candidates or applicants with a current offer (not yet commenced) are required to follow a different process for submitting a scholarship application. Details can be found here.

Applicants may only apply a maximum of two times in a five year period for consideration in the scholarship ranking and selection process.

Closing Date

For information on scholarship round opening and closing dates, see Key Dates.

Ranking Process:

Applications for research scholarships as part of the Annual Scholarship Round at Griffith University are firstly processed within the Griffith Graduate Research School (GGRS). It is at this point that applications are initially reviewed for eligibility for entry into Griffith PhD and research programs.

Following this initial review, applications are then forwarded to the appropriate schools, departments or research centres for academic staff to assess applications for both entry into Griffith PhD and research programs, and for consideration for a scholarship. All applications are then assessed by the Dean (Research) of the relevant Group and the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School, to arrive at an outcome against the selection criteria.

Applications that are recognised as meeting the selection criteria requirements for scholarship consideration are then assessed and ranked in an order of merit, in the proposed host school, department, research centre, and academic group. The order of merit is based on the Higher Degree Research Scholarship Policy and takes into consideration:

  • Academic merit, with emphasis on the results attained in the qualification with the substantial research component but also taking into account the grades of any other eligible qualification, as applicable
  • The international standing of the institution at which the qualification with the substantial research component was completed.
  • Research background, including the quality of the eligible research outputs included as evidence in an application, as well as the applicant’s contribution to these outputs; and the level and duration of sustained research experience and evidence of how the research activity undertaken bears upon and enhances the applicant’s research capacity, with regard to the proposed research
  • The compatibility/fit of the proposed research with university/academic group research priorities, and
  • The compatibility/fit between the applicant, research environment, and supervision.

The University’s Higher Degree Research Scholarship Ranking Committee meets to establish a university-wide Order of Merit List. Through this process,scholarships are awarded to the highest ranking applicants in this university-wide Order of Merit.


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