Study scholarships in Romania awarding for foreign citizens – academic year 2024-2025


The Romanian Agency for Investments and Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Education grant each year a number of 40 scholarships to the foreign citizens by an application evaluation-based competition organized according to Romanian regulations, for bachelor’s degree, master, postgraduate/residency and PhD studies in accredited state institutions of higher education in Romania.

Qualifying criteria: all foreign citizens with the exception of the EU and EFTA member states. Priority is given to citizens of non-EU and non-EFTA states that don’t have an agreement with Romania for cultural and educational cooperation.

Persons not eligible for this scholarship:

  • Romanian citizens or persons that belong to historical Romanian communities located in the vicinity of Romania (they benefit from other programs);
  • Citizens that have applied for or are under a form of protection in Romania.
  • Stateless persons who are permitted to stay on the Romanian territory and recognized according to the Romanian law;
  • Member / family members of diplomatic and consular corps accredited in Romania, member / family members of the administrative and technical personnel of the diplomatic missions and consular offices accredited in Romania and member / family members of the international organizations represented in Romania;
  • Citizens that have benefited from the Romanian state`s scholarship for the same cycle of studies;
  • Citizens who have a long-term residence permit in Romania.

Level of studies covered by this scholarship:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Master.
  • Postgraduate/residency.
  • PhD. For doctoral scholarship the agreement in principle of the scientific coordinator is required. Admission of candidates opting for doctoral studies is conditional on passing the entrance exam.

Priority areas: applications of candidates wishing to study economics and business administration, agricultural sciences, technical sciences, oil and gas will be promoted as a priority. Applications covering other areas will be taken into account, to the extent of the places available.

The study language: the Romanian Agency for Investments and Foreign Trade has decided that the language for all courses taken by the students selected to receive the scholarship will be the Romanian language. Thus, the Romanian language and culture will be promoted among the foreign citizens.

The selected candidates that don’t know the Romanian language are entitled to a preparatory year, previous to the requested academic level.

Students that declare knowledge of the Romanian language must pass the Romanian language test, according to the Romanian law or they must submit one of the following:

  • Romanian study documents that prove at least four years of studies in a Romanian education unit, member of the Romanian national education system.
  • Romanian language certificate, issued according to the Romanian law, certifying a minimum level of B1.

Scholarship beneficiaries are provided with the following facilities:

  • exemption from the payment of registration fees or any other fees required by application processing, testing for the Romanian language skills, taking the admission contest for doctoral studies and the specific aptitude tests;
  • financing the tuition expenses for the Romanian language preparatory year;
  • financing the tuition expenses for the actual studies, but not more than the duration of a university cycle, corresponding to the study programme followed;
  • granting a monthly scholarship, for students enrolled in the Romanian language preparatory year;
  • granting a monthly scholarship, for students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies, but not more than the duration of a university cycle;
  • financing the accommodation expenses in the student dormitories, within the allocated subsidy granted through the budget of the Ministry of Education;
  • medical assistance in case of medical-surgical emergencies and diseases with endemic-epidemic potential, in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • local public, ground, naval and underground transport, as well as domestic car, railway and naval transport, in the same conditions as those offered to Romanian students, according to the legal provisions.

These facilities are granted throughout the study period, as follows:

  • for students enrolled in the Romanian language preparatory year, during its courses;
  • for students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s studies, during the academic year and during the legal holidays, but not during the summer vacation. If students have to stay at the faculty during the summer vacation for curricular activities or if there are specific legal provisions, the rights are maintained during the summer vacation;
  • for doctoral or medical postgraduate training students enrolled in full-time learning, throughout the calendar year;
  • another 30 days after completing university studies lasting at least 1 year.

The international travel expenses and the domestic travel expenses from the point of arrival in Romania to the university’s location are not covered by this scholarship. All accepted students must be prepared to financially sustain the expenses not covered by the scholarship.

Deadline: 31 may 2024, 23:59 Romanian time.
Only complete applications will be evaluated.
All documents will be submitted in PDF format.

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