Skillful Founder Program – Advanced Edition


About the program:

In order to encourage work and employment, create new opportunities, increase income, and reduce unemployment, the program comes as a support for everyone who has a business idea, owners of small projects, founders, and co-founders of startups, small and medium companies. The program targets 200 individuals from these groups. It is provided with support, which is represented by a training package in the fields of accounts and marketing, at a basic and advanced level for each field.


  • Those who have ideas for business and special projects
  • Small business owners
  • Founders and co-founders of startup companies
  • Founders and co-founders of small businesses
  • Founders and co-founders of medium enterprises

Benefit from the program:

This program ensures that you are well-equipped with the ability to effectively establish a business that helps you take your business and develop it to the next level. This program is also designed to guide you through all stages of training in the target areas, which are:

  • Marketing and Sales (Advanced).
  • Accounting and Finance (Advanced).

At the end of which you will be qualified enough to push you forward in the areas of the program presented with your own work, and throughout the program you will be in the hands of experts specialized in the areas you receive, who provide you with all the support you receive.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You are between 18 and 35 years old
  • You have a great business idea / or you have a small business
  • To be committed to attending the entire training program.
  • Candidates and persons classified as refugees/IDPs are also strongly encouraged to apply for this programme.

How to ِِApply

📌 Application for the program is available for a short period until the scholarship link is closed, so hurry to seize the opportunity and apply now!
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