King Scholars Program at Dartmouth College

King scholars program seeks low income students from developing countries. Scholars receive 4-year scholarships and extensive mentoring and leadership training .

About Dartmouth

The King Scholar Leadership Program seeks low-income students with high potential from developing nations who are interested in alleviating poverty in their home countries. Students accepted to Dartmouth as King Leadership Scholars are offered a four-year scholarship, mentorship, leadership training, and internship opportunities. Upon graduation, King Scholars are expected to return to their home countries to work on poverty issues, supported by a wide network of Dartmouth alumni.

All eligible international applicants to Dartmouth will be considered for the King Leadership Scholar program. There is no special application; instead, each applicant must complete The Common Application. Learn more about applying to Dartmouth.


The King Scholars Program looks for students who are:
Involved in their communities
Passionate about creating positive change
Interested in alleviating poverty in their own countries
Capable of succeeding at a top U.S. university
Driven to succeed in whatever they do
Proficient in English
The Dartmouth Admissions Office selects students for this special honor who embody the vision of the program, including a commitment to alleviating poverty, a record of academic excellence, and a passion for global issues.

Scholarship Type:  Full Scholarship

Scholarship levelUndergraduate

Scholarship Worth: Fully-Funded Tuition fees, health insurance, annual travel allowance to scholar’s home country.

Subject Eligibility: Undergraduate courses available at Dartmouth College

Country/Candidate Eligibility: Scholarship is for students from developing countries.


Transfer Eligibility

  • Students who have matriculated at a college and who have completed two years or less of college coursework at the date of application are eligible for transfer admission.
  • Students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent are not eligible for admission to Dartmouth.
  • Students who have taken college coursework that is counting towards their high school graduation must apply for first-year admission. This includes students pursuing an associate’s degree while finishing high school.
  • Students who are not currently enrolled in school, or whose education has been interrupted, may apply for admission and often use the “Additional Information” portion of the application to provide background on their experiences and their educational path.
  • An applicant’s anticipated year of graduation or the number of credits completed within the guidelines stated above will not have an impact on the outcome of an application. Because Dartmouth enrolls such a small number of transfer students each year, the Admissions Committee does not need to balance the numbers of students entering as new sophomores or juniors.

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