Chinese Government Scholarship 2020 For Foreign Students In NEAU

In order to promote friendship and understanding between people in China and abroad, and develop communication and cooperation in aspects of politics, economics, culture and education, Chinese government set Chinese Government Scholarship to support excellent students, teachers and scholars to study in China. Northeast Agricultural University is one of the 279 universities which are responsible for educating Chinese Government Scholarship students, and currently there are nearly 200 international students are enjoying different programs of Chinese Governments Scholarship here.


  • 1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens.
  • 2) Applicants should be in healthy physical condition.
  • 3) Education background and age limit:

– Applicants for master degree studies must have bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.

– Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have master’s degree and be under the age of 40.

  • 4) Excellent achievement in your study
  • 5) Comparative good ability in research
  • 6) Applicants do not gain any other scholarship

Information about the Scholarship:

Full scholarship:

  • 1). Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, and fee for accommodation on campus;
  • 2). Fee for Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China.
  • 3). Monthly living allowance is paid to the students by the host institution at the following rates (CNY Yuan per month):
  • Master degree students: CNY 3,000 Yuan
  • Doctoral degree students: CNY 3,500 Yuan
  • 4). NEAU provides free accommodation for Chinese Government Scholarship students, 2 bachelor students shall live in one room, 1 doctoral student or master student shall live in one room.

other information:

This postgraduate scholarship is fully funded by the Chinese government, the Harbin City Study Site

Deadline for submission : Closing Date 31 March 2020

Chinese Government Scholarship Degree Programs

Master’s degree: 3 years education

Resources and Environment College

1.Soil Science

Agriculture College

2.Crop Genetic Breeding

Horticulture College

3.Landscape Architecture

4.Vegetable Science


Animal Science and Technology College

6.Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

Veterinary Medicine College

7.Basic Veterinary Science

8.Clinical Veterinary Science

Engineering College

9.Agricultural Biotechnology Environmental and Energy Engineering

10.Agricultural System Engineering and Management Engineering

11.Management Science and Engineering

Economics and Management College

12.Agricultural Economics and Management

13.Human Resource Management

14.International Trade

15.Industrial Economics

Life Science College



18.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

19.Developmental Biology

20. Microbiology

Food Science College

21.Food Science

22.Farm Produce Processing and Storage Engineering

23.Food, Grease and Vegetable Protein Engineering

24.Animal Produce Processing Engineering

25.Food Fermentation Engineering

Electrification and Information College

26.Internet of Things Engineering

27.Computer Science and Technology

Doctor’s degree: 3 years education

Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering College

1.Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering

Resources and Environment College

1.Remote Sensing

3. Land Resources Management

4.Geographic Information Systems

Agriculture College

5.Crop Cultivation and Tillage Studies

6.Crop Genetic Breeding

Horticulture College

7.Vegetable Science

8. Landscape Architecture

Animal Science and Technology College

9.Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction

10.Aquatic Animal Protection and Production

Veterinary Medicine College

11.Basic Veterinary Science

12. Clinical Veterinary Science

Engineering College

13.Agricultural Mechanization Engineering

14.Agricultural Biotechnology Environmental and Energy Engineering

15.Agricultural System Engineering

Economics and Management College

16. Agricultural Economic Management

17.Animal Husbandry Economic Management

18.Rural and Regional Development

Life Science College



21.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Food Science College

22.Food Science

23.Food, Grease and Vegetable Protein Engineering

24.Farm Produce Processing and Storage Engineering

25.Animal Produce Processing Engineering

26.Food Fermentation Engineering

Electrification and Information College

27.Computer Science and Technology.


 Source : 国际文化教育学院

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