ICYF Media Training Camp – Samsun Turkey – Fully Funded

Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey and Anadolu Agency (AA)

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ICYF Media Training Camp

Location: Samsun, Turkey
Deadline: 20 August 2019

Date: 15–21 September 2019  & 23–29 September 2019

  • MalesSeptember 15– 21, 2019
  • Females: September 22 – 29, 2019

    ICYF Media Training Camp

Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey and Anadolu Agency (AA) will organize the second edition of “Certificated International Media Training Youth Camp”.
It will take place from 15 – 21 September 2019 for young men
and 23 – 29 September 2019 for young women, in SAMSUN Turkey.
The organizing committee will cover international flight tickets, accommodation, and food.

The final selection will be made by the organizing team. Applicant should meet the following criteria:
citizen of an OIC Member State or representative of a Muslim community in a non-OIC Member State
ability to communicate in English
Age between 18–35
media background (study, work experience or interest)
involved in/or have coordinated media related project
active in the service and development of the community
leader with impact in his/her local community
commitment to attending the full course of the media camp

The Elements of the Camp Programme

The camp programme will be designed according to followings:

Media Literacy
To deepen the understanding of media literacy (content, communication, censorship etc.)
To discuss the social role of media literacy, in particular within youth
To compare contexts of youth media work
To share methods and tools on media literacy work with youngsters
To develop individual media competences by inviting participants to share skills on different media formats in a case study
To prepare a workshop on composing effective media content

Digital Media Literacy

To develop participants skills to analyze and evaluate power and impact of digital media images and messages
To develop participants technical and creative abilities to use digital media tools for personal and organizational needs in a workshop
To develop participants abilities to produce alternative digital media messages that promote social media effectiveness of participants
To strength digital media literacy competencies of the participants to fight against Islamophobia specifically on Palestinian conflict
To train on composing effective messages in a workshop
To practice expressing ideas, opinions and believes in effective way under the supervision of experts.

Media Manipulation and Information Distortion
To clarify the types of information disorder (misinformation, dis-information, mal-information)
To identify the phases and elements of information disorder (Agents, message, interpreter)
To identify strategies on coping with information distortion
To clarify motives behind disinformation
To identify role of trolls, hate groups, ideologies, influencers and networked groups etc.)
To analyze information, pictures and videos (fact checking, picture/video).

Power of Social Media

To understand power of social media with facts and statistic from certain events and campaigns
To learn basis of creative use of social media
To provide a platform for participants to share their experiences in a workshop
To identify target audience and its social media platforms
To prepare social media strategy and follow up its implementation in a Workshop.

Digital Campaigns
To identify how to create content
To develop media campaign plan
To understand effect of collaboration with influencers/celebrities/NGOs
To define hot to get your voice heard
To clarify process of turning a campaign to real movement.

The media plays a crucial role in modern society. In its various forms it relays information to the public, and helps communities keep up to date with current events from around the world. Additionally, the media serves as a link between the world’s governments and its citizens, by informing the latter of the policies and practices of the former. This information helps the public to participate in civil society and in the political processes. Consequently, the media not only has enormous potential to influence perceptions and to sway opinions, but arguably also to shape events.
Mass media is a powerful force in forming our perception of reality. The recent technological developments have brought profound changes to the way we access and consume news. Today every person connected to the Internet can post information, pictures, videos and comments which can go viral. This means that they can potentially reach millions of people around the world and influence their attitude to a given issue. The digital revolution can empower but this power comes with great responsibility. In various parts of the OIC Member States and neighboring countries young people face different challenges related to media literacy, i.e. exposure to media bias, hate speech, cyberbullying, grassroots xenophobia propagated by media and social networks.
This camp will be opportunity for these young people to learn skills and develop enthusiasm for media participation and therefore represent their own sense of community, identity, language and culture. It also allowed them to speak to their peers and learn how to create media that is relevant, informative, entertaining, unique, engaging and accessible.

To explore the crucial elements of a reliable journalist’s craft (balance, reliability, usage of proper sources);
To learn to evaluate the reliability of sources and to approach any information critically;
To explore the interrelation between media messages and tolerance/intolerance in our societies, especially in regard to the topic of migrant and refugee crisis;
To learn how to distinguish between media and audience bias;
To build the capacity of Muslim Youth in terms of leadership skills and empower them through meaningful participation in the media;
To facilitate young people’s connection to heritage, language, culture and identity through media participation;
To explore and understand media and youth participation in media with cultural diversity as concepts and group processes;
To develop competences of participants in the field of media;
To provide tools for multiplication and development of youth participation in media.
To identify possible directions and strategy of work in the field of development of youth participation in media in the realities of participants;
To foster networking among participants and motivate potential leaders and multipliers to engage in promotion of youth participation in media on local communities.



*** Selected participants will receive an email confirmation with logistics and program details. Due to a limited timing, there will be not an opportunity to inform those who were not selected. The general information on selection results will be posted at ICYF and Social Media accounts.


Round trip travel expenses from his/her country of residence to the camp venue in Samsun will be covered. Also participants’ visa, medical and travel insurance.

Accommodation and further costs:
Host organizers will cover domestic transportation, accommodation, food and other relevant costs related of local hospitality.

For further info, please contact:
Hilal Öztürk, Project Coordinator
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: +902124653939 (Ext: 22) (between 9AM-6:00PM (GMT+3), from Mon-Frid.

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