A Fashion Event that will break the entire NORM in Dubai on June 2022


DUBAI. Demi Lune Events presents “Fashion for All—Beauty without Boundaries”. On June 19, 2022

everyone will get the chance to witness a one-of-a-kind fashion and beauty event that will break all stereotypes and standards of beauty. The event will be held at The Oberoi Dubai, to celebrate people of all colours, shapes, gender, race, religion and (dis) ability.

Demi Lune Event CEO Moon Mukerjee, former Mrs. Universe UAE finalist, entrepreneur, film director, writer, seasoned counsellor and advocate of equality in beauty said:

 “This event is a chance for everyone to stand equal with those who define the fashion and beauty industry with flawless standards….so if you have the courage to break the stereotype, norms of the industry, and believe yourself as a beautiful person you are–I offer you the stage to claim your pageant… Self-Love is very important in today’s world and having the courage to own yourself as you are, is absolutely crucial.

Being a resident of the country for over fifteen years, she believes that we should all go hand in hand in inclusivity of all types of people in the fashion world.

Bold is an understatement.

Challenging the standard is surely fearless and that’s exactly what the event is all about—To break the boundaries of what beauty means, as it is with no limit, and needs no permission to have someone be included with our so-called beauty requirements.

The protagonist in this event is everyone, no matter what your size is, skin colour, race, religion, age, gender or (dis) ability. You are the main lead of this story and the stage is all yours.

The perfect place to redefine beauty standards.

The UAE has long promoted inclusivity in all aspects of living, having a population where almost 90% of it are expat and home to 200 nationalities, diversity is inevitable. This factor alone, makes the country even richer not only by economic figures but by culture and religion.

Respect for diversity is high in the UAE and one of the best channels they practise and show this is through education, where laws are even emphasised to the right to respect everyone’s religion and cultural background. People in the region celebrate and value the community as whole without any boundaries. This kind of equality is reflective as the country itself continues to magnet all people from the world and see the beauty the country has built from all kinds of differences.

No Boundaries

It is a revolutionary event you should not miss. Everyone from 20 years of age with no age limit, all sizes, all colour, gender and (dis)ability residing in the UAE, are invited to showcase their beauty and represent their uniqueness in this fashion show. Fifty models will be selected to participate in the event and models with the highest popularity on social media will receive exciting awards from the event sponsors, an exclusive PR deal and many more.

Practical Information:

-Registration for models is now open and will end on March 31, 2022

-Exhibit stands are now open for reservations till April 15, 2022

-Model screening will start on April 03, 2022 at Dusit Thani

-Fashion Show and Awards ceremony will be on June 19, 2022 at The Oberoi Dubai

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-Website: www.demiluneevents.com

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